Silage Tarps

Cover your Fodder with a reliable Silage Tarp.

Using a high-quality silage tarp ensures that you are able to protect and successfully store your silage in optimal conditions.

With silage covers, it is important that you use one that is able to provide a high level of moisture and oxygen barrier to ensure that the microorganisms are being provided with an optimum environment to convert and break down the silage and allowing fermentation to occur.

To achieve the best outcome, you will need a silage cover that can withstand the harsh Australian climate conditions, is UV resistant and is completely 100% waterproof. Additionally, you would want to use a strong silage cover that lasts you for more than one season.

ARK Silage Covers delivers on all of the requirements above and more.

What makes ARK Silage Tarps So Special?

ARK Silage Tarps are made from XF Film. It is a specialised Swiss patented film that ensures strength, durability, and reliability.

ARK Silage Tarps are very strong and lightweight, which means that it is easier to use than common silage covers and can be easily rolled away and stored for multiple uses.

ARK Silage Tarps are born waterproof, what this means is that our silage covers provide with the best vapor barriers and with a high oxygen barrier that allows for complete fermentation and preservation of stored feed nutrients.

The Silage Tarps are Double sided in colour, with a dark underside and silver top side, our silage pit covers allow excellent sun reflective capabilities, while also helping block UV sunlight from passing through to the silage stores beneath, allowing the best conditions for quality silage.

ARK Silage Tarps have excellent UV resistance and come with a 3-year UV guarantee. They are suited for extended outdoor use and will not peel, crack or disintegrate in the sun and are made for the harsh weather conditions found in Australia and New Zealand.

Some tips and tricks.

  • Ensure silage is properly compacted to remove as much air as possible prior to covering.
  • Where possible use with Silage Underlay Sheet. This will offer the best possible sealing and result in best quality silage out.
  • Cover silage as soon as possible after compaction. Research shows that losses increase quickly as time goes by.
  • Ensure sufficient overlap for each cover, and weigh down with tyres, or sand bags.
  • Seal edges with soil, tyres or sandbags to ensure an air-tight seal and ensure that water cannot enter the stack or pit from the side. The best part is ARK Silage Covers are 100% waterproof for life, so you don’t have to stress about water entering from above the cover.
  • Rubber mats are great for weighing down the silage cover. Not only do they provide a solid weight on top of the plastic, they also prevent crow damage.
  • If the covers are looked after they have a life expectancy of 3 to 4 seasons, much longer than other unsupported plastic covers.

Just how important is it to have the right Silage Tarp?

We cannot stress the importance of using a high-quality silage cover with a proper oxygen barrier enough. If you are serious about your fodder and would like the best quality silage you have to use the best quality cover and ARK Silage Covers gives you just that!

Don’t just take our word for it, look at the proof for yourself:

You can see for yourself the difference in silage when a regular plastic cover is used for silage against a silage cover specifically designed to provide high oxygen and vapor barrier.

When used correctly, ARK silage covers will give you a much better output than other ordinary plastic silage covers.

The picture below shows the silage output when a silage cover with a high oxygen barrier is used.

The picture below shows regular plastic covering the sides of the pit. There is spoilage to the sides of this pit.

GSM Thickness – Microns Colour Size (m) Approx Weight (Kg) Total Per Cover Incl GST
90 97 Black/Silver 12×25 28 $365.00
90 97 Black/Silver 12×50 56 $730.00
90 97 Black/Silver 18×25 42 $549.00
90 97 Black/Silver 18×50 81 $1,097.00

Please contact us at 03 8752 0294 to place your order for Silage Tarps, or you can place your orders online!

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