What are Heavy Duty Tarps?

Before listing five ways to use Heavy Duty Tarps an explanation of what they are exactly is needed. One of the most popular types of tarps we sell at ARK Tarps is Heavy Duty Tarps. The reason people use Heavy Duty Tarps is because they are lightweight, yet provide superior strength, durability and waterproofness. The tarps are completely waterproof due to their construction out of a specialised Swiss patented film, known as XF Film. The precise and advanced manufacturing technology we use at ARK Tarps makes our specialised production process unique. Unlike other heavy duty tarps widely available on the market, ARK Heavy Duty Tarps actually provide heavy duty performance. These Tarps have Ultrasonic Welded Eyelets and compared to a 240 GSM poly tarp, the 120 GSM ARK Heavy Duty Tarp has the same or greater performance. Our clients use Heavy Duty Tarps  for a range of applications and in various conditions in which they have been tried and tested and performed consistently well. The harsh Australian climate was an important consideration when designing these tarps so they have been made to not crack or peel in the sun and even come with a 3-year UV guarantee.

How you can use Heavy Duty Tarps:

Outdoor use

heavy duty tarps use outdoors

Aside from the many applications people use Heavy Duty Tarps for when camping, they can also come in handy in many other ways when outdoors. One example is protecting outdoor appliances, furniture and equipment. Since they are fully waterproof, heavy duty tarps are perfect for keeping your bbq, outdoor setting, bicycle or boat dry and free from rust. As our tarps are flexible, easy to manoeuvre and feature ultrasonic welded eyelets they can be easily attached to a fence or wall to protect everyone from both the rain and sun at outdoor events. Another use is as a ground cover to protect new floors on building sites, or to simply prevent your lawn from becoming a muddy swamp after a torrential downpour.

Car, Ute, Motorcycle and Caravan covers

vehicle cover use heavy duty tarps

ARK Heavy Duty Tarps are excellent for protecting motor vehicles from the elements, including sun, rain and wind. If you know you won’t be using your vehicle for a prolonged period and don’t have a covered storage area like a garage, using a tarp will keep it free from dust and dirt.

Truck and trailer covers

heavy duty tarps use trailer cover

When transporting goods during a move we recommend you use Heavy Duty Tarps to ensure your valuable cargo is protected. ARK Tarps can be used as a cover for an open trailer or to cover specific items. Whether it be a mattress, appliances or furniture our tarps come in a range of sizes to prevent scratching, keep them dry and in tip-top condition.

Greenhouse covers

use heavy duty tarps greenhouse cover

ARK Heavy Duty Tarps make an ideal greenhouse cover. They can be used for greenhouse flooring, room dividers and covers, in addition to repairs and black out growing. Both commercial growers and home gardeners can reap the benefits of using heavy duty tarps for their greenhouses. Not only will delicate plants and trees be protected from the sun, wind and rain, so will your equipment as our tarps are UV resistant, have very high tear strength, are waterproof and not affected by extreme temperature changes.

Grain and silage covers and underlay sheets

heavy duty tarps use grain silage underlay sheet

If you want to  ensure your grain and/or silage is protected and stored in the most optimal conditions possible then you need to use a top-notch underlay. ARK Heavy Duty tarps offer the best solution for high-quality grain and silage underlays sheets. They are strong, reliable and can handle the tough Australian climate and conditions. The oxygen barrier of silages is improved by installing a silage underlay sheet underneath a silage cover because the underlay creates prime anaerobic storage conditions for superior feed quality. Farmers seeking the best product for grain and silage underlay sheets have chosen to use Heavy Duty Tarps because they are excellent vapour barriers due to being made from the incredibly strong and versatile XF Film which also makes the tarps 100% waterproof.

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