Check out Ark Tarps recent experience at the Elmore Machinery Field Days

If you’ve been looking for a better way to anchor big hay tarps, this product invented by ARK Tarps was recently showcased at the Elmore Field Days and will definitely please.

Elmore Field Days is an annual event widely recognized as one of Australia’s premier agricultural Field Days. It gives primary producers the opportunity to learn about the latest in farming and also gives manufacturers the opportunity to display their innovations.

Hay tarps Ark Tarps

ARK Tarps participated in the Elmore Field Days this year to showcase their Hay Anchor Tarps. Hay Tarps face some of the most challenging conditions and need to be designed to withstand those conditions and ensure that the Hay remains dry and free of moisture. ARK Tarps are made out of a specialised Swiss Patented Film, XF Film, which delivers on the need for Hay Tarps to be strong, reliable, 100% waterproof for life and UV resistance. Made out of a specialised Swill Patented Film, XF Film, which delivers on the need for Hay Tarps to be strong, reliable and 100% waterproof. Additionally, ARK Hay Tarps come with a 3 year UV guarantee, you can have these tarps out in the sun and expose them to the harsh Australian climate without worrying about them peeling, cracking or disintegrating.


At ARK Tarps we understand the importance of properly covering hay and keeping it dry. That is why we have developed Hay Tarps to have bigger eyelets so that a Hay Anchor Bolt or Screw can be threaded through the eyelet to ensure the tarp is snug against the hay bale. This has been specifically designed to preserve bales so that nutritional value and savings can be maximised. This design and functionality of the Hay Tarps excel in preventing wind or water from getting underneath the tarp, providing proper and full coverage of the hay. As plastic tarps often have issues with trapping moisture as the bale dries out and suffer from UV exposure which significantly reduces their nutritional value and causes unnecessary spoilage from excessive moisture.


In the current crisis that has stricken farmers around Australia, it is more important than ever to cover hay with a tarp and prevent the damage that water does to hay. As demand and prices of hay continue to surge and with the unpredictable weather in Australia, now is a perfect time buy Hay Tarps. If that’s not convincing enough, the following list of important attributes is sure to have you ordering Hay Tarps.

hay tarps ark tarps

Important Attributes:

  • UV Resistant – Guaranteed for 3 years – Free replacement if Tarp peels or cracks or is no longer waterproof due to UV degradation.
  • Does not peel or crack….hence no coating flakes falling of tarps and mixing in Hay.
  • Large sizes can be supplied as single pieces. Largest one piece Tarp was made to cover an entire soccer field
  • Heat Sealed joints guarantee NO Leakage.
  • Impermeable, 100% waterproof through its life, excellent Vapor barrier protection.
  • Ultrasonic welded eyelets – strongest in class!
  • Lightweight: easier installation and take downs – easy to handle, transport and use.
  • Excellent Tensile strength – Engineered strength in all directions.
  • Very high Tear Strength – accidental tears do not expand unless considerable force is applied.
  • Strong, Tough and Puncture resistant.
  • Outlasts and Outperforms common Woven Tarps by a factor of 2x plus.
  • High Stretch and Elongation means easy to use over odd shaped objects
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Suitable for use in -50 ℃ to +60 ℃.
  • Inert to most Chemicals and Alkalis.
  • 100% recyclable.

Please contact us at 03 9580 3563 to place your order for Hay Tarps.

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