this is what not to do with your tarp

Avoid these Tarp-Rigging Mistakes if You Want It Your ARK Tarp to Last

We frequently advise our customers on using our tarps and various methods to secure them to prevent failures. We believe that the most effective way to demonstrate the correct method is by showing how to do it completely wrong!

Here are some examples of how NOT to rig a tarp:

1. DO NOT suspend with just the corner eyelets

  • Using a tarp as a parachute or sail is a creative idea, but not ideal for longevity of your Tarp.
  • Wind turning the tarp into a parachute will put a massive strain the eyelets.
  • ARK Pro tip: Always ensure you put ropes across the top of your tarp when using it as a suspended shelter to prevent the parachute effect.

2. DO NOT cut corners by not tying all eyelets down.

  • We provide eyelets for a reason – USE THEM! Failing to secure all the eyelets, especially when setting up the tarp as a suspended shelter, results in uneven distribution of force on the tarp. Securing all the eyelets enhances the tarp’s stability and resilience against the elements.
  • Keep in mind that tarps have limits and are not indestructible. There is a maximum load they can withstand and if they are exposed to strains beyond their capacities, they will fail.
  • ARK Pro tip: Securing ALL your eyelets evenly distributes the load and enhances the stability & longevity of the tarp.

3. DO NOT rig your Tarp without a slope to allow water to run off.

  • It’s crucial to ensure that when using a tarp as a suspended shelter, water is allowed to run off instead of pooling on the tarp. Although pooled water won’t leak through, it will increase the weight on the tarp. This excess weight will put strain the eyelets and tarp material, potentially result in the Tarp tearing.
    Remember, 1cubic metre of water is equivalent to 1,000 Kg in weight!
  • ARK Pro tip: Check your tarp slope by pouring a bit of water over it and see if it pools anywhere.

The Result of NOT Rigging Your Tarp Correctly:

We hope that you were able to learn about the things that you should NOT do while using your ARK Tarp as a suspended shelter.

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