Using Tarps to Protect Your Home During Renovations

Renovations are often projects that can be postponed for months or even years if they are not urgent. The holiday season is an ideal time to identify those minor tasks that can be addressed around the house. Whether it’s simple everyday projects or extensive renovations, regardless of the scale, it’s essential to have durable and dependable tarps for use during renovations.

Tarps and furniture covers shield your home and possessions from rain, mud, paint, construction dust, and other damaging elements. To ensure your home remains protected during renovations, opt for durable and reliable tarps and furniture covers instead of using old bedsheets, cheap plastic sheets, or bin bags.

Using high-quality tarps and covers during renovations offers numerous benefits, see our Tarp Tips below:

TARP TIP 1: Floor and furniture protection

You may strive to be extremely cautious, but it’s inevitable that some floor or furniture scratching may occur during renovations. ARK tarps offer reliable protection against floor scratches, while our furniture covers ensure a snug box-like fit to shield your furniture from all angles.

Pro tip: Opt for our heavy-duty tarps for floor protection.

protect your furniture during renovations
furniture covers

TARP TIP 2: Dust and residue protection

Renovations, whether extensive or minor, often lead to dust and drywall residue spreading throughout the space. While you could constantly vacuum to keep up with it, a more efficient and simpler solution is to utilise tarps and covers to shield your floors and furniture. By doing this, once the remodelling is complete, your floors and furniture will remain free of dust and drywall residue, which can be challenging to clean once it settles.

Pro tip: Make use of our furniture covers to minimise the need for cleaning and vacuuming after renovations.

TARP TIP 3: Protection against pollutants

Throughout renovations, builders use various products and materials that may produce a significant amount of pollutants. This could be problematic for allergic occupants of the property. To mitigate this issue, covering the renovation areas with tarps can help contain and reduce exposure to these pollutants.

Pro tip: Our heavy-duty tarps are ideal for creating a temporary barrier.

Home renovations
paint buckets

TARP TIP 4: A paint friendly worksite is a good worksite

Imagine the chaos of spilled paint – quite a nightmare, right? Picture a whole can of paint spilling all over your floor, the hassle of cleaning it up, or paint smudges on various surfaces in your home, even on your appliances. These potential headaches can easily be avoided by using tarps and furniture covers to safeguard windows, walls, floors, and furniture when repainting.

Pro tip: All our tarps & covers are 100% waterproof and don’t allow for any leaks.

TARP TIP 5: If you are doing major renovations and construction work, make sure to utilise a tarp.

ARK Tarps Construction products are crafted to endure the harsh conditions of construction sites. With extensive testing in various builder and construction scenarios, these tarps have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance. The roof and builder tarps are tailored with tradespeople in mind, offering convenience with easy folding/rolling when not in use, along with simple repairs for any rips or damages.

Roof and industrial strength tarps

If you are planning to renovate your home, no matter how big or small your project is going to be, you need to make sure that you put tarps and furniture covers on the top of your list. Don’t forget to tarp up and protect your home and belongings. Get high quality and reliable tarps and furniture covers from ARK Tarps.

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