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XF film is an incredible strong and versatile material. It is far tougher than any other comparable plastic material of similar weight and thickness.

XF Film suits all applications which require Tough, Strong, Waterproof material.

It can be converted by various processes such as Sealing / Gluing / Laminating / Printing / Coating / Die Cutting and Stitching for a wide variety of Industrial and Consumer applications.

XF film is available in Rolls / Sheets / Tarps and Custom Covers.

Important attributes are:

  • Impermeable, 100% waterproof through its life, excellent Vapor barrier properties
  • U.V resistant, extended durability even when exposed to high UV radiation
  • Excellent Tensile strength
  • Strong, Tough, Puncture resistant – can withstand impact of sharp edges and blunt objects
  • Very high Tear Strength – accidental tears do not expand unless considerable force is applied
  • Engineered strength in all directions
  • High Stretch and Elongation means easy to use over odd shaped objects
  • Light weight, easy to handle, transport and use
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Does not peel or crack
  • Suitable for use in -50 ℃ to +60 ℃
  • Inert to most Chemicals and Alkalis
  • 100% recyclable

Click here for Technical Specifications of XF Film.

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