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ARK industrial bags are made from a specialised XF Film which is an ideal material to produce strong and reliable bags that will meet all your commercial and industrial packaging requirements and they are perfect for heat sealing and can be used with Automatic Sealing Machines.

Because XF film as a material is so uniquely specialised, you will get a quality difference that no other Multi-Wall Paper, Poly or LDPE bag can provide. Not only this we understand how bags are an important part of the supply chain management and work with our customers to ensure that we are able to full-fill their requirements.


ARK industrial bags are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof with excellent vapour barrier properties for the ENTIRE life of the bag.

In terms of strength, ARK industrial bags are at a minimum 2x stronger than any Poly/LDPE bag in the market which is why our industrial bags are the superior choice when strength is a critical factor.

You can get the bags in many different GSM/Thicknesses ranging from 35GSM / 38Microns to 300GSM / 320Microns. We work with you to make sure that you are using the bag that is best suited to your industry and requirements.

We can provide you with a better, stronger and more cost-effective solution than the one you are currently using. We are the superior choice where strength, waterproofing, and permeability are critical.

Don’t just buy any bag, buy an XF Bag!

Important Attributes:

  • Available in wide variety of gauges, colours, and GSM.
  • High Stretch and Elongation suits use over oddly shaped objects. High conformability gives good forming around contents.
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability.
  • UV Resistant – Guaranteed for 3 years – Free replacement if bag peels or cracks or is no longer waterproof due to UV degradation.
  • Does not peel or crack.
  • Very high Tear Strength – accidental tears do not expand unless considerable force is applied.
  • Strong, Tough and Puncture resistant.
  • Superior Abrasion resistance.
  • Impermeable to water, 100% waterproof through its life, excellent Vapor barrier protection.
  • Heat Sealed joints guarantee NO Leakage.
  • Will not Deteriorate – Water and Rot resistant.
  • Uncontaminated and Safe packing material
  • Suitable for use in -50C to +60C.
  • Inert to most Chemicals and Alkalis.
  • 100% recyclable.

Stock GSM/Thickness: 80GSM / 86Microns, 90GSM / 97Microns, 120GSM / 130Microns and 150GSM/ 160Microns


Open Mouth Pillow Type

ARK Open Mouth Pillow Type Bag

Open Mouth Flat Bottom

ARK Open Mount Flat Bottom Bag


ARK Valve Type Bag

Bag options:

  • Multi-Colour Custom Printing
  • Height and Width can be customised
  • Thickness can vary from 35GSM / 38MICRONS – 300GSM / 320MICRONS

Applications of our ARK XF Bags are far ranging as they can be used for any type of product that is to be bagged and heat sealed in a plastic bag. For example:

  • Stock-Feed
  • Acrylic Plaster
  • Render
  • Primers
  • Patching Compounds
  • Any Hygroscopic Item or Product
  • Chemicals
  • Sealants / Caulks
  • Liners in Multiwall paper sacks
  • Leather
  • High Viscosity Foods
  • Liquid Explosives

If your application is not listed above, please get in touch with us and we will be able to assess whether our bags are the right fit for you.

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