In today’s technology-driven world, it’s nice to get outside and be one with nature. While for many, camping is a fun way to spend a weekend, other struggle to find their inner zen in the outdoors. In order for camping to be the most enjoyable, it often takes a lot of preparation. You have to think about what you may need when you’re far from mobile reach and susceptible to Mother Nature’s wrath.

So we’ve put together our top 8 tarp hacks for camping to use next time you embark on a trip to the great outdoors!


camping tarp hacks


When you’re spending heaps of time outside you’re bound to encounter weather you may have not seen coming. Luckily you can provide yourself with a little more shelter from the wind by simply securing a lightweight camping tarp. This works great for when you’re trying to have a chill night around the campfire and the wind is getting in your way!


Sleeping Bag Wrap

Whether you are without a tent or simply looking to sleep under the stars, you can use a tarp to sleep outside without fear of getting wet! It may not be the most comfortable but definitely comes in handy in terms of staying dry.


Makeshift Container/Transportation

Carrying around an extra heavy duty tarp can come in handy if you’re ever in an emergency situation where you need to store food, or possibly transport someone who has been hurt back to a safe place. While we hope you never have to use a tarp in an emergency circumstance, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Rain Poncho

I’m sure you’ve seen or perhaps made a rain poncho for yourself out of a garbage bag before. Well maybe you haven’t but desperate times call for desperate measures! If you’re caught in a rainstorm while camping a better solution is using one of our medium duty tarps. Not only are they 100% waterproof but they also have a high tear strength which means you can reuse them multiple times in comparison to the garbage bag!


Heat Reflector/Sunshade

Although camping occurs during all seasons of the year, it’s safe to assume that most people enjoy camping during the summer months. The summer is usually great for weather but sometimes the heat can get the best of you! When this happens you can pop up your tarp and use it for some shade or to reflect the heat away from where you are. Another bonus is that all of our tarps have a guaranteed 3 year UV resistance built into them so you won’t need to worry about the sun’s harmful rays!


Slip & Slide

Who says that tarps can only be used for practical reasons?! Throw that idea out the window and grab one of our waterproof camping tarps for some fun in the sun! Find a hill or slope nearby your camping site and set up the tarp as a slip and slide. It’s a fun activity for all ages and will be sure to be hit among the kids! The Industrial strength tarps are perfect as they have a very high tear strength and are commonly used as swimming pool or construction covers, so you know they’ll do the job.


Extra Living Space

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra room to work with when you’re camping. So why not hang a tarp off the back of your car or tent? You’ll have more space to prepare food, store items without fear of them getting wet or just hangout with some friends outside!


DIY Hammock

You’ve come back to your campsite after a long day of adventuring and are looking to take a nap. Why go back into your tent when you can take a cheeky snooze outside in your own hammock! Forget buying a new hammock… all you need is some rope and your tarp and you’re good to go!


camping tarp hacks

Good Luck On Your Next Adventure!

If there’s only one thing you take with you on your camping trip, it must be a camping tarp! With countless common uses such as shelter, a ground cover and water collector, as well as unique hacks we’ve provided you with, you musn’t get on the road without your tarp in hand. At Ark Tarps, we provide you with long lasting tarps suitable for your every need! Contact us today to secure a tarp for any occasion.

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