At ARK Tarps we are always on the look out for unique ways our products are used. Some of our customers have very innovative applications. They can rely on our product strength & durability to experiment and come up with interesting ways to use our products.

Here are 5 unique ways you can use our tarps & covers.

1. Movie Projector Screen

Our Extra Heavy Duty white tarps are perfect to use as a makeshift projector screen! Very popular for movies during camp nights, or for your local sports club presentation nights!

Customer credit: Brett purchased a 5m x 7m Extra Heavy Duty Tarp back in 2018 and shared a picture of it being used as an outdoor movie scrren.

Pro tip: Get your hands on some tarp clips to add extra eyelets and stretch the tarp out

2. Flood Protection

Our furniture covers are essentially a large rectangular bags and they can be turned upside down to cover your furniture pieces from the ground up. This prevents the legs of your furniture from being exposed to any flood waters.

Customer credit – We have to credit Joanne who was  hit by the floods in QLD in 2022 and reached out to us to check if she could flip our furniture covers and use them from the bottom up to protect her furniture pieces.

Pro tip: Get your hands on a range of different covers here.

3. Boot Liners

Our Medium Duty tarps are perfect to use as inexpensive boot liners when transporting something that can leak or cause damage to your boot. Plus it is great to keep pet hair off the boot fabric!

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Pro tip: Get your hands on the medium duty tarps here.

4. Drop Sheets While Painting

Painter drop sheets usually come in small sizes. Our Medium Duty or Heavy Duty tarps are a perfect alternative to your standard painter drop sheets. They are 100% waterproof, will protect your floor and come in large sizes so you can cover your entire floor using a single piece.


Pro tip: Check out our full range of tarps here.

5. Slip & Slide

Our Silage tarps have been previously used as a slip n slide. Since they are a long piece of plastic sheet without any eyelets, they work quite well as slip n slides!

Best Slip 'n Slide ever! - Make:

Pro tip: Check out our full range of silage tarps here.

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