Don’t Rig Your Tarp Like This If You Want It To Last.

We are often telling our customers how to use our tarps and different ways to secure them from failing. We thought the best way to show how to do something right is to show how to do it completely wrong!

Here are some examples of how NOT to rig a tarp:

1. Suspended With Just The Corner Eyelets

This is great if you want your tarp to become a parachute or a sail for your boat! But definitely not a good way to secure your tarp if you want it to last long.

The wind pressure on the tarp converts it into a mini parachite and puts a lot of strain on the eyelets.

Pro tip: Always ensure you put ropes across the top of your tarp when using it as a suspended shelter to prevent the parachute effect.

2. All Eyelets Not Tied Down

The reason we provide eyelets is to use them! If you don’t tie down all your eyelets, specially when using the tarp as a suspended shelter, the force exerted on the tarp is not being evenly distributed. By tying down all your eyelets you are making your tarp more secure and ensuring it can withstand the elements better.

Remember tarps are not indestructible and there is a maximum load that they will be able to withstand. If they are exposed to strains beyond their capacities, they will fail.

Pro tip: Tying down all your eyelets ensures the load is distributed evenly and makes the tarp more secure.

3. No Slope To Allow Water To Run Off

It is also very important that when you are using the tarp as a suspended shelter, you allow for the water to run off and not pool on the tarp. The water pooling won’t leak but it will add weight on top of the tarp. This excess weight will put extra strain on the eyelet and tarp material and it can result in the tarp tearing.

Remember, 1cubic metre of water is equivalent to 1,000 Kg in weight!

Pro tip: Check your tarp slope by pouring a bit of water over it and see if it pools anywhere.

The Result Of Not Rigging Your Tarp Correctly:

We hope that you were able to learn about the things that you should NOT do while using your ARK Tarp as a suspended shelter.

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