Renovations is one of those projects that if not urgent can be put off for months or even years. The holiday period is perfect for noticing those small things that we can ‘fix up’ around the house. From basic everyday projects to large scale renovations, no matter what scale, you will need to get strong and reliable tarps to put up during renos.

Tarps and furniture covers protect your home and belongings against rain, mud, paint, construction dust and other harmful elements. Not old bed sheets or cheap plastic sheets or bin bags, you will need to get strong and reliable tarps and furniture covers to ensure your home stays protected while being renovated.

There are many advantages of using high quality tarps and covers during renovations, some of which are:

Floor and furniture protection

You can try and be as careful as humanly possible, but we can guarantee that during renovations you will end up scratching your floor or furniture in one way or another. ARK tarps are undeniably reliable when it comes to protecting your floor against scratches and our furniture covers provide for a perfect box type fit to protect your furniture from all corners.

Pro tip: Go for our heavy duty tarps to use as floor protection.

Dust and residue protection

Renovations big or small will result in dust and drywall residue flying around everywhere. Now you can chase it every minute with a vacuum cleaner, but the better and easier option is to use tarps and covers to protect your floor and furniture. This way after the remodel work is done, your floor and furniture are not covered in dust or drywall residue which can be quite hard to clean once it has settled in.

Pro tip: Check out our furniture covers here.

Protection against pollutants

During renovations, builders will use an assortment of products and items that could generate a fair amount of pollutants. This could be problematic for allergic occupants of the property. Covering the areas under renovation with tarps could prevent the spread of and exposure to these pollutants.

Pro tip: Our extra heavy duty tarps work perfectly as a makeshift barrier.

Paint friendly worksite is a good worksite

Spilled paint – need we say more? Can you imagine a can of paint tipping all over your floor and what a headache that would be to clean? Or paint smudges on any part of the house or worse on your appliances? All of these headaches can be prevented by using tarps and furniture covers to protect windows, walls, floors and furniture during repainting.

Pro tip: All our tarps & covers are 100% waterproof and don’t allow for any leaks.

If you are planning to renovate your home, no matter how big or small your project is going to be, you need to make sure that you put tarps and furniture covers on the top of your list. Don’t forget to tarp up and protect your home and belongings. Get high quality and reliable tarps and furniture covers from ARK Tarps.

Check out our tarp range here.

We recommend the following tarp as floor covers: Heavy Duty

We recommend the following tarp to tarp your roof: Industrial Strength Tarps

Check out our furniture covers here.

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